7.1 The Board of Directors is responsible for maintaining the financial reporting system and disclosure of important information accurately, in accordance with the Standard Rules and Practices.

7.1.1 Managing director and Accounting and Finance manager are responsible for making financial reports.

7.1.2 he disclosure of financial reporting information The Board of directors will consider

  • Evaluation of the adequacy of the internal control system
  • The opinion of the auditor in the financial reports and observations of the auditor about the internal control system, as well as the observation of the auditor through other channels of communication (if any).
  • The opinion of the Audit committee
  • Consistency with objective objectives Strategy and Company policies

7.1.3 Shareholders and general investigators can search for the information which includes the financial statements. Annual Report 56-1 the management's Discussion and analysis (Management discussion and analysis – MD&A), which is distributed through the channels of the stock exchange and on the company's website http://www.ut.co.th/


7.2 The Board of Directors oversees the sufficiency of financial liquidity and the ability to settle the debt.

7.2.1 Ensure the management of the company's financial position and report to the Board regularly. To share a solution ASAP. If there is a signal that indicates the liquidity problem and the ability to settle a debt.

7.2.2 The approval of any transaction shall not affect the continuity of the business. Liquidity, financial conditions or debt repayment


7.3 The Board of Directors shall ensure that the company has a plan to fix the problem or have another mechanism to solve financial problems. Under consideration of the rights of stakeholders.

7.3.1 Closely monitor the business operations with care and compliance with the disclosure requirements
7.3.2 Take care to define a financial solution plan with regard to stakeholders, including creditors, as well as to keep track of solutions by providing regular reporting management.
7.3.3 Any decision to determine is reasonable.


7.4 The Board of Directors promotes the sustainability report as appropriate.

7.4.1 In regard to the acceptance of international or international reporting frameworks, the information may be disclosed in the annual report or may be made separately as appropriate for the company.

7.4.2 Ensure that information is important and reflects the practices that lead to sustainable building value for the company.


7.5 The Board of directors directs the management to be responsible for investor relations, who act to communicate with the shareholders and other stakeholders, such as investors, analysts to ensure appropriate equality and timely.

7.5.1 The Managing Director is responsible in conjunction with the accounting and finance manager, and the company secretary acts to communicate and provide information to shareholders.


7.6 The Board of Directors promotes the use of information technology for the dissemination of information.

7.6.1 The disclosure of both Thai and English information on the company's website should be done regularly and present information as

  • the company’s vision and values
  • nature of the company’s business and the company’s operations
  • list of the company’s directors and of executives
  • financial statements and reports about the financial status and the company’s financial and non-financial performance for the current and previous year
    a downloadable version of the annual report and SEC Form 56-1
  • shareholding structure and voting rights
  • invitation letters to the shareholders’ ordinary and extraordinary meetings
  • the company’s regulations, and memorandum and articles of association
  • the company’s policies
  • Contact information for complaints, investor relations, and the company secretary.